Low Cost Hajj Packages in Saudi Arabia for year 2015

Hajj in Brief (Step by Step Guide).. How to Apply for Hajj Permit (Tasreeh) in KSA

Hajj is an essential pillar of the Islamic religion hosted by the Saudi Government in Saudi Arabia every year.

The cost of Hajj without a Hajj permit, otherwise known as “Tasreeh” is said to cost around SAR 7,000/- till SAR 12,000/-. The general, Saudi Iqama holders or expatriates are not able to come up with such an income level due to which the Saudi Government has introduced the low cost Hajj packages.

These packages are around SAR 3000/- to SAR 5000/- and will be provided to 41,000 pilgrims this year. The Ministry of Hajj has regulated the Hajj packages around for this year, which can be bought in two ways;

The first way to register for a low cost hajj package is to hire the Hajj agents that have the quota from the Saudi Government. Generally, the agents charge an extra amount till SAR 500/- or so to give out the package.

The second way is applying online in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Government launches a portal as the Hajj seasons closes in where the applicants can register themselves online for the affordable packages.

The Low cost Hajj packages basis Guide These packages have the day’s meals and drinks, security and medical assistance and camping included. Sometimes train tickets have to be bought that cost an additional SAR 250/-

C A T E G O R I E S and P R I C I N G P L A N
Category A - SAR 5000/-
Category A1 - SAR 4800/-
Category A2 - SAR 4400/-
Category B - SAR 4150/-
Category C - SAR 3900/-
Category D-1 - SAR 3500/-
Category D-2 - SAR 3000/-

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